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Sound System Installation / Upgrade / Calibration / Repair

Churches / Houses of Worship

WARNING! - Don't purchase any sound equipment until you talk to Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. first. Your sound system may only need calibration/repair or minor upgrading rather than a complete replacement.

So many times Churches/Houses of Worship blindly rush into a new sound installation with a flashy sales presentation or the latest buzz word in audio product technology and then pay way too much and the system installation sounds terrible or lacks clarity. Often we get calls from people who hired a new sound installation company only open a few years or months in business... just to have them close after the install, leaving them with a bad installation with no help... Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. has been in business for 20 years and always delivers the best in sound!

Please call Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. before you sign a contract or purchase agreement for a sound system. Even if you don't want to purchase from Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. or have already purchased a sound system... Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. provides consulting services to give you guidance to avoid many of the common mistakes in system design, installation and operation.

When it comes to Live Sound engineering, Klein Productions Live Sound Reinforcement Inc. is considered by many to be one of the most trusted and reliable companies... PERIOD! Excellence in Sound Engineering can give your Church/House of Worship the single most competitive edge in attracting new members to your congregation.

Lets face it... you can have great Pastors/Worship Leaders, great musicians, great vocalists... but it's all worthless if you can't hear the service or it doesn't sound good. Eventually your congregation will diminish in numbers and go to another Church/House of Worship that has it's act together. Please call us and do something about your Sound System/Sound Engineering today... We Can Help!

Night Clubs / Concert Venues / Ball Rooms

When you service/upgrade Nightclubs and Concert Halls, large and small, you see what works and what doesn't. We often see installs that have to be corrected because of poor design or faulty installation. Fortunately, some can be greatly improved with minor repair and/or upgrades.

We realize that your sound system will either make or break your venue especially if your having concerts or Pro DJ systems providing sound for a nightclub packed with customers. If it doesn't sound good, people will go to a different venue... and often never come back.

Some places have annoying sound regardless of how loud or soft the volume is, while other just give you a headache all together. These businesses will always lose to venues with high-quality sound. It's no wonder why the legendary clubs in the past such as Outer Limits and Club Heat would call upon Klein Productions to keep their DJ and concert systems performing at the highest quality levels in the region... because their sound was the lifeblood of their business. We understand this at Klein Productions so call us today and protect your most valuable asset... your business.

When dealing with national recording artists, Klein Productions is aware that there are artist requirements when performing at a venue. Often these artists will have an equipment rider that will determine whether or not you can book these artists. Because Klein Productions has been providing sound for national and platinum recording artists for over 20 years we are very aware that equipment selection for your venue will be critical when attempting to book top recording artists.